Staub Tomato Cocotte White 25cm - A

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Artistic, natural design in the shape of a tomato

Traditional craftsmanship combined with the highest quality

Made of cast iron: ideal for energy-efficient frying, cooking, and stewing

Suitable for all hob types incl. induction, it can also be placed into the oven

Made in France

Grade A


Brand : STAUB

Grade : A

Color: White Blanc

Country of origin: France

Substance: Cast iron

Induction: Yes

Oven-safe: Yes

Stovetop-safe: Yes

Dishwasher-safe: Yes


Net weight: 10.14 lbs

Capacity: 3.06 qt

Length of product: 12.80 in

Width of product: 8.23 in

Height of product: 6.10 in

Bottom thickness: 0.16 in

Upper diameter: 9.84 in