Staub Braiser 28cm cast iron multifunctional pot - Cast iron round pot + grill in dark blue

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Staub's cast-iron Cocotte is now even more versatile with a lid that converts to a grill pan. When you're not using the large 7-qt. cocotte for braising, browning and  simmering, the two-handled lid flips over to reveal ridges ideal for grilling foods on  the stovetop.

The lid to this large Dutch oven can also be used as a grill pan for stovetop grilling. From simmering stews to braised short ribs, every dish benefits from cast iron’s even heating and excellent heat retention. Staub cookware transitions from the oven to the table beautifully, thanks to the exquisite enameled finish.

  • Thick aluminum construction.
  • Constant Thickness - 5mm for perfect heat distribution and retention and no hot spots.
  • Superior flat base stability - pan will not bulge.
  • Grade B.